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Name: Daniëlle Bouman-de Groot

Date of birth: 28th September 1990

Languages: Dutch (native) and English (fluent)


Research Master Cognitive Neuropsychology, Cum Laude (2013)
Title thesis: Creativity and Religion

Bachelor Psychology and Health, With Distinction (2011)
Title thesis: The neurobiological basis of hyper-religiosity

International Baccalaureate English A2 higher level (2008)


September 2014 – Present
PhD student at VU university, Amsterdam. Supported by NWO Research Talent grant. Project on the interplay of movement, balance, and emotion.

June 2014 – August 2014
Research Assistant at Nijmegen University on a project of dr. Muriel Hagenaars. Experiment leader and planner. Using EEG, force plate and a heart rate monitor with healthy participants.

February 2014 – August 2014
Research Assistant at Nijmegen University on a project of dr. Muriel Hagenaars and dr. John Stins. Research on the relationship between freezing and psychopathology. Activities: Checking and putting existing data into SPSS.

Nov 2013 - June 2014
Writing NWO 'Research Talent' research proposal together with dr. John Stins. Title: Taking approach-avoidance research a step further. Grant awarded.

February - April 2014
Assisting with the research of Jonathan de Melker Worms, MSc with his research on balance in elderly people at the VUmc.
Activities: assisting with setup and experiment, determining dominant leg of the participant, MMSE, taking measurements of participants, all-round helping before, during and after the experiment. The experiment was done in the virtual reality lab in the VUmc and a Motek Medical treadmill was used.

Jan – July 2013
Master Thesis (30 ECTS) on the relationship between belief systems, attentional focus and creativity. Supervised by dr. Lorenza Colzato at Leiden University.
Activities: administration of a questionnaires and psychological tests, data input, data analysis, drawing conclusions and writing.

Jan – Feb 2013
Assisting in setting up a pilot study on the influence of rules on cognition (in the light of how religious rules can influence cognition). Pilot set up by prof. dr. Bernhard Hommel at Leiden University.
Activities: translating scenarios from English to Dutch, formulating the rules and recruiting participants.

Jan – July 2012
Course in Research Master: Practical skills for researchers (18 ECTS). I was supervised by dr. Sander Los at VU University. The goal of the course was to teach students the entire cycle of research. Completed with an 8.5, with compliments from my supervisor. I chose to study a subject within the department of cognitive psychology: temporal preparation with visual and auditory stimuli.
I was responsible for recruiting participants, setting up the material, testing participants, analyzing the data, drawing conclusions, comparing the preconceived model to the data, writing a research report, and doing a conference-style presentation for the researchers of the Departments of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Psychology.

Mar – June 2011
Research Internship at the department of Medical Neuropsychology at Tilburg University. I wanted to assist in research at Tilburg University and got the chance of doing a research internship with Carlijn Campman, MSc. The research was on the neuropsychological functioning in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), set up by prof. dr. Margriet M. Sitskoorn. The research took place at rehabilitation centre Schoondonck in Breda.
Activities: set up data file in SPSS, data input, observed neuropsychological testing, assisted with test administration and administration of questionnaires.

Feb – June 2010
Course in Bachelor: Practical of Psychological Research (6 ECTS). The goal of this course was to teach students what research entails, give them experience with teamwork (research was done in groups of three), and give them experience with the research cycle. Our supervisor was Martijn Baart, MSc at Tilburg University. The topic of the research was from the department of cognitive psychology: sine-wave speech (contorted speech) and whether we can perceive this similar to regular speech.
Activities: testing participants, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, making a research poster, writing a research report and giving a presentation on the research.


Bachelor research project (2014/2015)
Supervising students in their final year of their Bachelor in Human Movement Science in doing experimental research.

Writing and designing a research proposal (2014/2015)
Teaching groups of Master students in writing their own research proposal for their Master research project.

Statistics (2014/2015)
Teaching and supervising workgroups for a statistics course for second year Bachelor students.


EEG. Recording EEG data in participants.

Force plate. Calibrating and using a balance board in experiments.

MATLAB. For time-series analysis of force plate data.

SPSS. For statistical analysis.

E-Prime. Program experiments.


In july 2014 me and dr. John Stins were awarded the Research Talent grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). The title of our proposal is: Taking approach-avoidance research a step further.


Bouman, D., Stins, J. F., & Beek, P. J. (2015). Arousal and exposure duration affect forward step initiation, Frontiers in Psychology
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